Rail - Air Transhipment between Europe – Asia

In response to Chinese government "One Belt, One Road" drive and to support Singapore-Chongqing government call for more efficient connectivity between Singapore and Chongqing, PILG has entered into a collaboration with Chongqing Government Linked Europe-Asia Rail Operator - YUXINOU (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd to run Air-Rail Intermodal trial shipment from Europe to Singapore via Chongqing.


During this trial PILG will organize shipments with their customers from both Europe and Singapore by Air for Singapore-Chongqing route and with YUXINOU support by rail for Chongqing-Europe route and vice versa.


Through this trial, PILG and YUXINOU will device collaborative business model, operation processes and customs clearance procedures with the aim of entering into a long term partnership in Rail-Air intermodal and other forms of multimodal connectivity integrated logistics services for Europe-Chongqing-Singapore route with PILG facilities in Singapore serving as South East Asia transshipment hub and joint facility in Chongqing to serve as International distributions hub for both Europe and rest of China.


PILG and YUXINOU together with Sino-Singapore Connectivity Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd (SSC) – A private Equity Fund Management focusing in the funding of joint Singapore-Chongqing project especially in the areas of financial services, airlines tourism, transport logistics and Information Communication will be working with the respective governmental agencies in both Singapore and China through China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiatives on Strategic Connectivity Administrative Bureau and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore's Chongqing Office to solicit policy support such as in the area of Customs and Quarantine "Green Lanes" especially for time sensitive and perishable cargo.


PILG on her part will be working closely with her trial shipment customers from Singapore together with various governmental agencies such as IE Singapore , Spring Singapore, AVA and HSA with the aim of making the Rail-Air Intermodal trial shipment from Europe to Singapore via Chongqing with YUXINOU a resounding success leading to full commercialization of the services.


Below please find the joint letters from PILG and YUXINOU on the Air-Rail Multimodal Collaboration:


Yuxinou Rail Corporate Presentation

Yuxinou & PILG Joint Letters


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