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Pacific Integrated Logistics (Shanghai) Co Ltd,
a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Integrated Logistics (S’pore) Pte Ltd, with investment of paid-up capital Rmb: 5,000,000.00  was established in 2004 with ONE diligent manager. It has grown to include a team of expertise, owning office facility operating WITHIN Shanghai commercial zone ( Golden Finance Tower).

This offshore branch plays a leading role in developing a better understanding to Greater China region freight forwarding challenges, and in search for solution to these challenges. So, it is a particular pleasure to have this opportunity to share/tap, our corporate integrated logistics facilities and global freight forwarder networking, to such a perspective setting.

As part of corporate strategy plan for total integrated logistics solution provider and expansion. Series of programs and initiatives we are pursuing/upgrading are configured to facilitate future expansion, to ensure we always do our part to meet growing demand in freight forwarding operation and further enhance our ability to respond to the needs of our customer and partners in this volatile industrial. We also have the ability, experience and expertise to undertake bulk cargo project, with work safety programmed planning/processing and transportation facilities. In fact, we have successfully managed - Suzhou Hitachi Cable Precision project shipment weighing 14.5 ton /135cbm , bulk cargo machine relocation project from Singapore to Suzhou.

In addition, we continue to look for further co- operation and opportunities in Greater China industrial sector, where we can match/provide our strength and services with those of a local partner, and always maintained our service quality and commitment to our valuable customer we serve.


Conference Room
Operation & admin staff
Project team
Site Safety briefing before work commence
PIL’s project commence with accordance to ISO1400 safety standard & procedure
Suzhou project successfully and safety managed by PIL & co-partner Xunyang

Your ideal premier logistics solution partner, Shanghai ...